Living in the Lowcountry has endless benefits.  And, if we are all honest,  two of the most amazing perks to where we live are the amazing weather and our beautiful surroundings.  So, make the most of your outdoor spaces with charming décor,  so  you can take it all in in style!  Here are a few tips to keep in mind when designing your outdoor spaces:

1. Make the most of your space and use it in a way that best suits your lifestyle.  For example, if you are outfitting a small screen porch, think about what your primary use for that space will be and furnish it accordingly.  Are you a porch napper?  If so, perhaps you want to consider a custom swinging bed that can be used to lie on or sit around and chat.  Do you like to dine outside?  If you do, think about how many people you want to accommodate and get a great dining table you can use to entertain.  Outdoor dining tables with leaves are a great way to keep traffic space available around a table when it is not in use but provide sufficient seating when you need to expand.  Do you want a little of both, and, do you have the space?  Then, properly scale out what you can fit in each area and designate one end of the porch for dining and one for sitting!

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2. Use the appropriate materials in your outdoor space.  This is a biggie!  In any space that is going to be subject to the outdoor elements, ensure you use indoor/outdoor fabrics and furniture.  And, even more importantly, do not forget that this designation does NOT make these things bulletproof!  Indoor/outdoor fabric and furniture must be cleaned as often and in the manner suggested by the manufacturer, and it will inevitably show wear and tear from outdoor conditions, so prepare yourself!

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3. Just as you would in an interior space, use a color palette and décor you like.  And remember, your surroundings are natural colors – blue, green, brown, beige, white, etc.  So, naturally, these colors are going to blend better with the surroundings.  Perhaps save the burgundy and forest green for the study!

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4. Always consider comfort!  As is true in any space, you should select furnishings that you enjoy relaxing on.  If your furnishings are not comfortable, you won’t be as inclined to use the space.  Make your outdoor space as pleasant to enjoy as your indoor space.  And, this includes making sure you have adequate heating and cooling for your area.  A working ceiling fan can be your best friend in the dead heat of summer on the creek!

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5. Accent your space with potted plants and greenery!  You are outside for goodness sake!  Flowering plants and greenery will brighten up your space and help you to feel as though your outdoor space flows from one area to the next.

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