Blue & white porcelain has been around for centuries.  It is beautiful, classic and still very much
“in!”  Blue and white porcelain is decorated under a glaze with blue pigment, generally cobalt oxide. The decoration is commonly applied by hand, by stenciling or by transfer printing, although other methods of application have also been used.

According to Wikipedia, the first Chinese blue & white wears go back as far as the 9th Century in China.  The true development of blue & white wear in China started with the first half of the 14th Century (  However, this long-standing form of art has managed to make its way into this Century, and into CHD’s designers’ hearts.

While blue and white porcelain is usually thought to be a more traditional accessory, it can actually be used in an array of different design concepts. In the design aesthetic that CHD is famous for, “Low-country Chic,” the blue and white palette brings a calm and comfortable feeling with its timeless color combination.

bkue 1
blue 2

As shown in the picture below, blue and white pottery fits seamlessly into the coastal setting that many of our clients desire. This refined, timeless treasure mixes well with the rustic, textured coral and shell-encrusted vase.

blue 3

All items pictured available at CHD Interiors for purchase.

The versatile blue and white pottery takes on a more neutral feel when paired with a bold color. The blue and white helps to ground a daring color while simultaneously adding sophistication.

blue 4

Although the use of blue and white porcelain started many, many years ago, as seen at the most current 2015 Highpoint Market, the blue and white is a staple in the design world and not going anywhere anytime soon!

blue 6
blue 7
blue 8

As seen in this upholstery show room, the blue and white adds interest and looks great when paired with a bright color.

Today, the blue and white tradition has taken on new forms. The blue and white movement has branched out into other areas of design such as clothing, pillows, window treatments, and even wallpaper.

blue 9
blue 10
blue 11
blue 12

Super-stars like Victoria Beckham have been spotted wearing a blue and white porcelain inspired dress such as in the picture seen above.