Have you ever wondered how to create a chic and unique home, using family heirlooms, antiques and new pieces?  Although design trends are moving more towards transitional and contemporary pieces, antiques continue to charm and enhance the beauty and individuality of homes around the world. On our most recent antique buying trip to England, we discovered some one-of-kind pieces that really make a statement and provide a unique and extraordinary feel.


Painted vintage or antique pieces are a great way to add a pop of color to your more modern or transitional space. If you have antiques you are unable to use, you can also have those pieces painted or refinished to add some color and texture to them. Painted furniture is an inventive way to make your pieces more “usable,” while also enabling you to utilize pieces you already own in a unique way.

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In addition to modifying the finish of your pieces, another great way to incorporate antiques in your home is to change the function o f the pieces you own. Using an antique coatrack for a pot-hanger or an old trunk with an added glass top as a coffee table is an inventive way to utilize what you already own in a unique way. You can also use functional pieces as décor or a display case, such as using an antique painted ladder to showcase family pictures or hang your blankets on.

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Another way to integrate your antique and modern pieces, while also keeping your room cohesive, is to accessorize the pieces you have with items from a different era. For example, if you have an antique farm table, accessorize it with more modern accessories. You can also add some dimension to your room by varying the textures of your accessories. Adding metal, paper or glass accessories to an older wooden piece provides a contrast and adds a unique look to your space. Conversely, you can accessorize a newer piece of furniture with an antique pitcher, cutting board, or sign, which will give your room a custom and unique look.

Don’t be afraid to mix both modern and antique pieces together. Mixing a combination of transitional and contemporary pieces with antique or family heirloom pieces is a great way to make a space your own, integrate some history into your room, and create a remarkable space that is unique to you.