Here’s 5 ways to create an inviting, functional, and stylish entry:

Think of first impressions! The entry is without a doubt the introduction to the rest of your home. What kind of impression do you want to create as visitors step into your home for the first time?

Before we get into all the fun details, it is important not to forget that when designing any space it’s best to consider how you and your family function on a day-to-day basis. What are your needs versus wants? What specific design details will allow you to live comfortably within your space?  Always ask yourselves these questions so your home is not only beautiful, but functional as well.

1. Define your design style and add drama! Traditional, Modern, Transitional, Beach Chic… Whichever your style may be, the entry is a great place to have a little fun. Go bold with wallpaper or paint, or add a statement area rug or entry table.  You can even make your stair case the focal point with a patterned stair runner.

Entry 3

2. Lighting is key! Illuminating your space properly is just as important as determining how you will best function in your space. The proper amount of light can make a small entry appear larger, and a large entry appear even more magnificent. There are three levels of lighting. First,  there is ambient lighting (also known as general lighting), which serves as your main source of light for the space. Ambient lighting is accomplished with a beautiful chandelier or wall-mounted fixtures. A second type of lighting is task lighting.  Task lighting provides you the lighting necessary to perform specific tasks, and is easily accomplished with a table lamp. The third type of lighting is accent lighting, which can highlight a piece of art or architectural feature by using a wall-mounted art light.   All of these types of lighting are necessary to make a space look polished.

Entry 6

3. Mirrors and Art…
 No matter the size of your entry space, a statement mirror or a beautiful piece of artwork is always appropriate. Get creative when using mirrors and play with different shapes, sizes, and textures.  Mirrors are a great way to reflect light and make an entryway appear larger.


4. Additional seating… Consider utilizing your entryway as a place to store additional seating that can serve multiple purposes. One of our favorite things to do at CHD is find a great open console table and tuck ottomans or stools underneath. While this offers a place to sit and put shoes on at the front door, it also provides the flexibility to pull these pieces into the living room for extra seating. An additional bonus would be to select ottomans that have pull-off tops providing extra storage for kid’s shoes and toys or hats and gloves for the colder months. You can’t ever go wrong with this option!  And let’s not forget the added benefit of using a fab fabric to brighten and bring color to that area!


5. Accessories and stylish storage… Make your guests want to stop and stare before they even walk through your front door. A great way to do this is to accessorize with a wide variety of stylish items. Depending on your distinguished style, the options are endless. Books, pieces of coral, plants, vintage items, photographs, fresh flowers, or a beautiful tray for keys are all great options. Try to think outside the box and get really creative!  If you’re looking for stylish storage, use antique baskets under an open console or have a unique, visually interesting closed console to store things in.


Wow your visitors the second they come in!!!! We can help you do just that at CHD!