We love it when our customers think outside of the box! And, we love it even more when they share their ideas with us.  We recently had a customer who was looking for a vase for her foyer. While we did not have a vase that fit the bill, we did have a lamp that was just perfect!  Being the creative type, a girl with a vision you might say, she purchased the lamp.  And, a week or so later she sent us these amazing images of her creation!


While this turquoise mermaid was designed to hold books, our imaginative client had another vision, and it was great!!  She used these unique and colorful bookends on her  dining table as a napkin holder.


A creative, fellow  “pinner”  turned this old, galvanized tub into an interesting  ottoman/coffee table. Utilizing only a few yards of fabric, this old container is transformed into a fabulous and functional piece of furniture with very little expense.  And, it is one-of-a-kind!


Taking cues from these creative folks, we are turning this antique drum from our England buying trip into a coffee table.  By merely adding a simple piece of glass, we are going to make this truly a one-of-a-kind piece!  Stop by our show room in Mount Pleasant to see the finished product!


In our client’s coastal beach home, we transformed an antique crab trap into a console table in the foyer area.  It makes a true statement when entering the home!


Don’t be afraid to be creative.  And, if you need a little help, let us assist you in designing something unique and jaw dropping for your home.  If you have the guts, we have the vision!