The bonus room – that forgotten, catch all space that usually looks more like an attic or salvage yard than a livable, comfortable dwelling. Everyone has one but most people don’t know what to do with it. Well, the design team at CHD Interiors wants to help you reclaim that wasted space! There are so many ways that CHD Interiors can make that unused area a perfect space to compliment your home.

Our first step involves deep contemplation and imagination. Think about what your home is missing and how that space could benefit you and your family. Do you have children who could benefit from their own play space or private room? Do you have a passion for crafting or need a quiet space for working? Do you have grandchildren and family members that visit you often that could use their own designated space? Or, do you just need an extra guest bedroom or a larger master suite? The answer to all of the questions is your unused, neglected Bonus Room.


This Bonus Room’s transformation into the perfect playroom is a much needed addition for this growing family. It removes all toys and clutter from the home’s main level and the children have a happy and fun environment that is all their own. The split level in this room creates a solution for any storage issues. The upper level leaves space below to store items that can be easily accessed. And, the kids love sliding down the mini-slide. Fun and functional – it doesn’t get much better than that!

black and white

If a quiet office retreat is what you need, use that abandoned space as a place to recharge, work and create. This room is a distraction free environment while still serving as a beautiful addition to your home. (You could also throw a day bed in there and it could double as a guest room)!


Recently, we had a client in need of a designated space for her grandchildren. She has several grandchildren and wanted a room to accommodate them all. One of her favorite memories as a child was going to her grandmother’s for the summer and getting to enjoy the company of all of her cousins. She wanted the same feel for her grandchildren in beach home. By converting her Bonus Room into a Bunk Room for all of her family, her fond memories became a reality for her future!

blue bathroom

It’s hard to believe, but your neglected space can be transformed into this beautiful guest suite which includes a comfortable bedroom and a spa-like bathroom. Any guest would love to visit this paradise away from home. Just be careful of the obvious hazard – they may never want to leave! And, you don’t have to save this amazing transformation for just guests. This space could be reclaimed as your new master wing!


Your Bonus Room does not have to be the eye sore of your home. This glamorous room is an elegant adult space that can be used to entertain your guests. The secondary spaces in your residence can function and look as inviting and sophisticated as your main living quarters. Let CHD Interiors help you treat this space with the same attention to detail as the rest of your home!