It’s Bold. It’s Beautiful. It’s Elegant. And, it is the Pantone Color of the Year – Ultraviolet

What could be more regal, than a bold violet?! Nothing. Absolutely nothing. After all, if we are being honest, Prince did wear it well! Lawrence Herbert, the creator of the Pantone Color Matching System, calls ultraviolet the universal language of color, and we couldn’t agree more. Ultraviolet is a dramatic and thoughtful spectral color and is among one of the seven colors the human eye can perceive. Derived from a violet flower, it has a mystical and spiritual quality. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful colors appearing in nature in flowers, stones, and even leaves. This noble color is said to inspire and create awareness and artistic expression – just look at some of the stunning fabrics incorporating ultraviolet into their color palette.


So, how can you incorporate this beautiful pantone into your home? That can be done in many ways, and to many different degrees. Mere pops of this color can provide a significant impact. Take a look at these signature fabrics and just imagine what a statement they could make on pillows on your sofa, chairs, or even draperies.


If you want to go even bigger, consider using a fabulous wallpaper in your powder room or as an accent wall in your master bedroom. Any of these wallpapers are bound to inspire creativity and thoughtfulness.


The realm of possibilities is limitless with this color. Geometric and abstract prints in ultraviolet can make a room more fun and playful or simply add warmth to your space. This pantone in a lush velvet or silk can make a room more elegant.

At CHD, we can show you just how easily you can build a room around this color, or merely incorporate this pantone into your existing space. Let us help you make your home a little more regal so you can feel like royalty this holiday season!