At CHD Interiors, we believe that at the heart of every great design is the client’s personality, which is our inspiration for what we do. Every client we serve has a different feel and spirit to their personality, and our mission is to capture that spirit and incorporate it into their space. The first step of every job that we take on is to get to know our customers and their families and find out how they live their daily lives. Decorating isn’t just about making things pretty – it is also about function, organization, and practicality. Only after understanding a client’s priorities, values, and needs can we begin our six-step process.

Step One: Finding Inspiration

The heart of a home is considered to be the main room or the room where most activity takes place. This is where we will look for inspiration to guide the flow for the rest of the house. Inspiration can be found in the smallest details, like a treasured piece of art or heirloom. Your inspiration will set the tone for the color palettes and textures that we will incorporate throughout your home to tie all the rooms together.

Step Two: Choosing Fabric

Although fabric might not seem all that important, your “signature fabric” will be the focal point of your primary space. It is also going to tie in with the inspiration that we use to design each room.

Step Three: Color Scheme

A major key to design rests in the color palette you choose. Colors are about more than just what you see with your eyes; they can evoke emotions and feelings as well. Since you want a consistent feel and flow in your home, we choose a palette that will fit the space we are designing and configure easily throughout the home.

Step Four: Secondary Fabrics

At stage four, we choose supporting fabrics to complement your primary focal points. We look for fabrics that will accentuate and play off your signature fabric.

Step Five: Floors

There are times when a rug can be the signature fabric for your home design. If that is not the case, then the next consideration is what types of floor coverings you want. Floor coverings not only have to fit the aesthetics of your home decor design, but they should also be functional.

Step Six: The Fine Details

Select accessories, lighting, and various styles that work within the framework of your design scheme. Remember, this last step is not an afterthought. The best designs are the ones that turn the small details into big deals.

Our design process is not the only thing that sets us apart from our competitors; it is the way that we approach what we do. Our mission isn’t to design a home for you; it is to design YOUR home for you. Our preferences take a back seat, and yours take the lead so that we end up with a home design that is uniquely you, as it should be. If you are ready to transform your spaces, contact us today to get started!