Hanging a new light fixture at the proper height is very important in achieving the perfect aesthetic. Here you will find tips and tricks you need to properly place pendant lights in different rooms of your home.

There are several things to consider before selecting a light fixture for your home:

  1.   What is the light being used for? Directional lighting or ambient lighting?
  2.   The size of the fixture will depend on the dimensions of the space.
  3.   The height of your ceiling plays a crucial part in determining the drop height of the light.

Make sure to measure the height of your ceiling before deciding on what light fixture you want. That way you can determine what fixture best suits your room. A good place to start is a clearance of 7ft from the floor to the bottom of your light.

Dining Rooms

It is important to take note of existing furniture, doors, and windows before considering pendant placement and chandelier size.

  • The bottom of the pendant should be at least 30” from the dining room tabletop
  • If you have more than one pendant, place equal space between each one (around 2ft)
  • It is best to leave around 5” from the edge of the table to the side of the light fixture on both sides so all furnishings are proportionally correct
  • For a chandelier’s width, it will look best if it measures between half and two-thirds of the dining table

Kitchen Islands

  • The bottom of the light should be about 30” from the surface of the island
  • Make sure to hang pendants over the kitchen island with equal space between each light
  • For a chandelier’s width, you want the diameter to measure between half and two-thirds of the kitchen island
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Hallways or Entries

Light fixtures in any hallway or entry should clear any barrier that could cause damage like doors and furniture openings.

  • At least 7ft should be left from the bottom of the pendant to the floor
  • About 4 ft should be spaced between the light fixture and any surrounding wall
  • Add between 2-3” of height for each foot of ceiling above 8 ft