Deb Mayfield, a loving and talented South Carolinian from Murrells Inlet spends her free time taking discontinued fabric, jewelry, and buttons and creating beautiful bags called Blessing Bags. The bags are designed for seniors to place on their walkers and wheelchairs. Deb puts so much love into each individual bag and even includes a kind note letting the recipient know she has prayed for their health, happiness, relationship with God, and overall well-being. We wanted to recognize Deb and thank her for using her creative talents to benefit the lives of others.


I prayed for you when I made this bag.

I prayed it would make your life easier.

I prayed for wisdom and compassion for your doctors and caretakers.

I prayed for your healing.

I prayed for healing and increased love in your relationships.

Most of all, I prayed for your walk with God.

May you know his will for your life and become a blessing to others.

May God bless you,

Deb Mayfield