Many homeowners have dealt with an awkward, cramped space when figuring out the design of their home. While there are plenty of tricks we know for adding depth to a small room, one of the most classic yet simple tricks is the use of mirrors. The addition of a mirror creates an optical illusion that tricks the mind into believing a space is naturally larger than it is. While being a great functional design tactic, mirrors also help define the look of your home. Design aesthetics can be conveyed through the use of mirrors, whether it be mirrored furniture, a large accent wall, or a bespoke frame.
At CHD, we seek out distinctive pieces that are perfectly suited for your home, and have a curated collection of mirrors and frames that are all truly unique. The addition of a mirror may seem simple, but the complexity comes in the positioning, the reflection, and the frame design.

We enjoy finding special items that can be converted for reuse while still maintaining the integrity of the piece and allowing its individual story to live on in your home. A perfect example would be this antique set of windows from Camilla Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall’s home in England. The resourceful redesign of this piece is a creative way to anchor your space while also providing a fascinating conversation piece. Visit one of our showrooms to check out our expansive mirror collection and ask one of our design specialists about how a mirror can change your space!