Color is a pivotal element of design in many contexts, including interiors. Studies have shown that color and color composition can influence mood and how individuals behave in a space. Color is also a great outlet for expressing personality and character. This is most evident in a residential setting, where the spaces are tailored to a more personal audience.

Spring is here and summer is coming up. Let this provoke a need for vibrancy, saturation and liveliness in the spaces you spend time in. Embrace this seasonal change and begin to play with color! There is not one perfect formula for using color; that’s one of the great things about it! Each individual is going to want to use it differently and in different amounts. But, for those who are wary of it or unsure of how to start, here are some quick tips.

Build a Foundation with Neutrals
Using neutrals to provide foundation of tone is a great place to start. Such as, grey tones vs creme tones or cool tones vs warm tones. Using your neutrals as building blocks for what colors are selected, help a color palette to read as a cohesive unit. The neutrals can provide guidance for selecting color or support for a palette that has already been selected.

Find Balance
It is important to consider the value of your colors and neutrals. Value refers to how dark or light a color is. Every space should have some dark, medium, and light tones. But, the amount that these values are used is determined to express the mood or “feel” of your space. This creates depth and visual interest. See our material selections for examples of this.

Ground your Space
Using the “grounding” elements in a room as your neutral tone setters help ensure that your space is flexible and versatile for many years down the road. For example, a natural wood floor calls for a colorful rug and a grey or cream sectional needs some vibrant throw pillows!

Neutrals and colors need each other to create balance in a space. Both, individually, are lovely but learning how to marry the two, ensures a strong 3-D composition and a versatile color palette you will love!

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