Why did you become an interior designer?
I think I have always loved interior design. At an early age, I was more entertained with the designing and decorating of my doll’s house than I was actually playing with them. I spent hours “designing” their space. I cut things out of my mother’s design magazines and glued them to a storage trunk so my dolls could have windows with window treatments and lamps on end tables. I was always searching for things around the house like fabric scraps and washcloths that I could somehow use to decorate the make shift rooms I had created. Honestly, at that age I had no idea what I loved to do was actually a career!

How would you describe your design style?
I would describe my design style simply as elegant and comfortable. I feel no matter what “style” you love, elegant and comfortable is always the end goal. I think my client’s homes should reflect their loves and their lifestyle. I feel my job is to guide them into making the design best decisions.

What is your favorite room of your own home?
That is a tough question… I love a lot of the rooms in my home. I think that should be the goal of your interiors. That every room makes you feel something. For example, I love my daughter’s room because it is the quintessential girl’s dream bedroom. It has hand painted metallic floral wall panels, a canopy bed, full fluffy tulle window shades with a sparkly chandelier. Her room is soft and feminine and gives the fairy tale feeling of being magical. My Dining Room is another favorite room of mine. It has a very dramatic hand painted black and white geometric floor. It is definitely a bold statement, not for everyone, but I love it. I was inspired by a magazine and had to have it.

What is your favorite home accessory?
I love pillows! I think pillows can transform the feeling of a space instantly. I swap mine out and move them around regularly. I have bags of them in the attic! My husband always says if pillows ever become a world currency then we would be some of the most wealthy people in the world. But he’s joking…. Not in all of the world! Not even America… maybe just the South East. I have a lot of pillows so I’ll give him that.