If you are decorating your home, sometimes the hardest part is just knowing where to start. The paint palette you choose will define a room’s entire feel and flow, but many people get paralyzed by the overwhelming nature of setting the tone. If you are stuck on “start” because you aren’t sure what color you want, then a color consultation with an interior design firm in Charleston can be the best way to get the design ball rolling!

What is a Color Consultant?

A color consultant comes to your home or office and helps you choose not just one color but an entire palette, which includes wall paint, fabric colors, and accessories that all blend perfectly into a cohesive design theme. Typically, they have interior design training because it isn’t just about picking a color; it is about seeing how the color you choose relates to your style, the emotions that you want to evoke in a room, and the overall “feel” that you want to both live and entertain in.

What are the Advantages of Hiring a Color Consultant?

Hiring a color consultant comes with many advantages. Chief among them is the fact that they will create interior spaces that suit your personality, the feel you want for your home, and an overall practical schematic for your home’s interior design.

Color Consultations Save You Time

Many people get so overwhelmed by the first step of choosing a color that they spend hours, days, or even months mulling over the decision. Whether you are grabbing color swatches from your local do-it-yourself center or trying to piece together Pinterest boards, if you don’t have an idea of what you want, you probably won’t be able to pin it down. Hiring a color consultant can help you to narrow down your choices. They can vet your preferences and provide you with color choices.

Avoid Costly Mistakes or Spending Money Needlessly

If you look through online secondhand sales, they are riddled with used furniture that people obviously never used. It’s a familiar feeling when a purchase arrives, and it either isn’t what we wanted or it doesn’t fit the scheme of the room. When you hire a color consultant, you know what you need and the overall plan. That way, you aren’t buying cheap and piecemeal things because they will “do.” If you add up all the money you have spent on furniture or accessories that you used and then quickly discard, you would probably be shocked at the money wasted.

Building Equity in Your Home

The changes you make in your home are usually ones that you make to enjoy the space more, but they are also an investment in your home’s equity. A color consultant is not just there to help you pick the colors of walls; they also help you with things like tile colors and textures, wallpaper, and other fixed items that will increase the overall equity of one of your greatest investments. They can help you bring in the colors and preferences you have, but they can also help you make choices that will give you a return on your investment.

Decrease Stress

Nothing is worse than being overwhelmed by making design decisions – besides living in an unfinished area that is waiting for finishing touches. Sometimes, being in limbo is more stressful than the actual renovation and construction process. If you hire someone to help you make the critical first steps, the rest of the road should be much less stressful, and things will get done faster. It’s a win-win to get the help you need!

Access to More Services

Hiring a color consultant might open your eyes to how much you need help from an interior design firm in Charleston. We all like to think we can handle stuff on our own, but as any successful person will tell you, it is best to focus on what you do best and delegate the rest. Hiring someone to do what they do best is not only a timesaver but a money-saver too! Don’t throw away dollars on time and wasted purchases that you aren’t satisfied with to save pennies by going it alone.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do with home renovation projects is to know where to begin. If you are stuck on the first step of your renovation with choosing the right color palette, get the push you need to take off from our interior design service. It is those first critical steps that set the tone for your home renovation or home improvement project. Contact CHD Interiors today, and let’s get the ball rolling!