The CHD team has arrived in England for our annual Antique Trip. We head to the English countryside each year to find unique antiques to bring home to you! Follow along on our journey as we share some of our most eye-catching, recent finds. All of these antiques will be arriving in our showrooms in Murrells Inlet and Mt. Pleasant, SC, very soon. For more details on any of these pieces or special requests, please contact Meg at [email protected] or 843.289.1332. Follow our Facebook (@CHDInteriors) and Instagram (@chdinteriors) to get a first look at all the newest items!

On Day 1 of our trip, we stumbled upon the most beautifully detailed Dutch cabinet circa 1780. Historically, Dutch cabinets deviated from the prior trend of shorter, more simply designed cabinets because they were intended to hold valuables, such as silverware and jewelry. The Dutch believed items of such value commanded a piece of furniture that was truly a piece of art in and of itself. This lovely antique will be making its way to South Carolina soon, so please let Meg know if you are interested.
We always keep our eyes peeled for stand-out pieces, and these circa 1800’s greyhounds certainly fit that mold. Nothing will guard and protect your house quite like them! If you want to add some character to the entry of your home, flank the sides of your stairs with these fellas! Everyone will love them!

In the South, where the outdoors envelop you in Oak trees, greenery, and perhaps a sea breeze, enhance your garden with this charming, one-of-a-kind planter. This early 1800s cast iron bath would be lovely, overflowing with your favorite flowers! It is approximately 4’ long by 2’ wide and 18-24” tall.

Antiques from the English Countryside
Our unique finds keep getting better and better. This charming faux bamboo desk is another treasure making its way stateside. This English piece is from the 1830s and is 36″ wide by 19.5″ by 31″ high. The knee opening is 14″ wide by 26″ high. We know this desk will make working from home a delight.