Wallpaper can make a statement in a room or be a supporting player to the rest of the decor. When deciding on the wallpaper for a space, look at the area and ask yourself, “What do I want to stand out in here?” If it is the furniture or other items in the room, go with a softer wallpaper. If you have neutral furnishings, go with a bold wallpaper and make a statement. Here are 3 Do’s and Dont’s of choosing wallpaper.


  • Use smaller patterns or simple wallpaper for rooms with other accessories Ex: shelves, large pieces of art, etc.
  • Use larger patterns for rooms that have less decor Ex: walk-in closets
  • Be cautious of color choice and fixed furnishings


  • Don’t pair a strong wallpaper and bold furnishings together
  • Don’t think wallpaper has to be busy or patterned
  • Don’t worry about small mistakes; odds are your guests won’t even notice

At CHD, we look at all of the factors going into a space to decide whether or not to incorporate wallpaper. Just remember, bold wallpaper sets the tone for the room, and you can never be too bold.

I love window treatments and beautiful wallpaper. I think they can completely transform a room. Thibaut Wallpaper is one of my favorite resources. The variety of colors and patterns is amazing. My eyes light up every time they introduce a new catalog! -Julie Shettig, Designer