Are you tired of constantly vacuuming off your furniture and running through lint rollers? Well, CHD has a custom-made solution for you!

We are offering custom-made cushion covers for our clients and their furry friends. Similar to a slipcover, these cushion protectors are as easy to put on your cushions as they are to take off, and each one will be designed to match your furniture and room perfectly. Never worry about constant vacuuming or bulk ordering lint rollers again; these covers will be simple to launder, so you’ll be able to care for your furniture efficiently. Additionally, we can also create a custom cushion cover for your pet’s bed to better match your room and furniture. Finding chic, stylish, and functional pet beds can be a real challenge for pet owners, so let us make life a little more simple and a lot more stylish!

As with all of our work, these cushions will be of the highest quality materials available, so contact us today at 843-357-1700 to spoil your pet with their own one-of-a-kind custom creation!