These custom box pleat valences provide another soft fabric to the space with an unexpected tape to compliment the paint color.  The window treatments in both the sitting and library coordinate to create a sense of balance off of the foyer space.  The design consistency in both rooms creates harmony, while adding another fabric to help with acoustic properties as well.

Window 1
Window 2
Window 3

The above dining room is located directly off of the client’s sitting room, and the drapery panel fabric CHD Interiors selected needed to be a bold pattern to compliment the neutral soft treatments in the front two rooms.  This yellow and gray pattern fabric relates to the yellow paint in the kitchen.  The drapery hardware is mounted as high as possible to the bottom of the crown molding to exaggerate the ceiling height and bring the viewer’s eye site up along the room.  The pleat chosen for this custom drapery was cinched so the fabric pattern could be as visible as possible.