Lighting is an important part of interior design and has the ability to brighten your home if scaled correctly. Here are some of CHD’s before and after photos and tips to help you select lighting that best compliments your space!

Lamps Scale Before

Lighting 1

Lamp Scale After

Lighting 2

The three types of lighting are task, ambient, and accent. The above pictures of a client’s dining room lamps represent accent lighting.  The lamps on this sideboard allow the art to serve as a focal point in the room.  The use of taller lamps with wider shades compliments the scale of the sideboard.  Also, the selection of a lighter shade creates more contrast against the darker wall color.

Chandelier Before

Lighting 3

Chandelier After

Lighting 4

The chandelier over the kitchen table was chosen to fit the overall scale of the dining table shape.  A longer linear chandelier filled the space better while allowing double light for dining purposes.  The brass finish matches the client’s other finishes throughout the house.

Chandelier Before

LIghting 5

Chandelier After

Lighting 6

The above foyer chandelier is an ambient light for the space, since the chandelier alone is providing all of the lighting in this room.  The final chandelier selection is a larger scale, which creates a more dramatic entrance and exit for guests into the home and fills the overall space better while providing more overall lighting.