BUDGET – For most, it is a word that is hard to say, hard to determine and even harder to stick to! Every client has one, and even the highest of the high-end client who CHD has guided in designing a truly luxury space has a set budget to follow. Budget is important to everyone, as it should be, so do not feel that you can not get an amazing remodel transformation with a reasonable budget in mind. By hiring a professional Interior Designer at CHD Interiors, we can help you determine a project cost and assist you in deciding when and where to spend your money. The extra time and small amount of money you may spend to be properly prepared will prevent potential budget headaches in the future. The most common renovations that cause “budget headaches” are kitchens and bathrooms! It is widely known that these two spaces are paramount in any home, and, they can often can make or break the sale of a home. The average kitchen renovation costs $20,000 to $50,000, depending on how expansive an overhaul it is. CHD has done some breathtaking reconstruction transformations of kitchens from start to finish. By way of example, we converted the below kitchen into a modern, more efficient, and more appealing work space. On this particular project, the client’s budget allowed for the tearing down of walls to open up the room as well as a complete new cabinetry and appliance layout. With a new appliance layout possible, our imagination and dreams could run wild.


Another reason to work with a designer on your kitchen renovation is because a designer can help you ascertain how to work with the existing piping and utility layout, which can save you a significant amount of money. For example, one of our current kitchen renovations received new cabinetry, granite and appliances but was limited to using the existing footprint. Even though no new layouts were possible, the results were impressive. This particular project will be a show stopper upon completion. A sneak peek of the work in progress shows a stunning transformation is already under way!


If a total transfiguration is not in your immediate future, CHD Interiors can still guide you in a beautiful revamp of your space. We recently facilitated several kitchen and bath upgrades where budget did not allow a complete redesign, but we were still able to make a significant impact. These projects benefited greatly from merely painting the existing cabinetry, revamping a granite countertop, and adding a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Upgrades this simple could be the simple facelift your space needs! This insider knowledge is just one way our team can assist you with an extremely budget-friendly transformation. Below are some before and after images of a bathroom that received very minor touch ups with MAJOR results.


Establishing a remodel plan with the assistance of a professional designer insures your budget and design expectations are realistic and copacetic. The well-trained staff at CHD Interiors can help give you peace of mind that you are making the correct decisions for your space and your funds!