So often we walk into houses that our new clients are frustrated with. “This just doesn’t feel like HOME,” they say. Well, with the quick-to-buy internet phase we’re in as a culture, it’s easy to understand how houses get thrown together and the personality just gets a thin layer at the end. As Interior Designers, we love to get in on the start of a project, not only to help ensure you get a cohesively beautiful home, but to also guarantee that everything reflects the way you live…..that your personality shines through in every detail.

“But what are some things that I can do right now?” you may ask. Ah hah! We have a few things for you to consider. And then just give us a call for the rest!

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Photos: Seemingly the obvious thing, many times we find the extreme examples of usage in our clients’ homes. Either they have too many photos on every possible surface (and yes, the back of your commode is such a place) or they have nothing. Their walls are stark. We’d like to recommend that a few well-placed photos can make a world of difference to that feeling of “home.”

Consider these spots:

Bookshelves. Don’t be afraid to place a few photos to break up the line of books. A nice way to keep it from being distracting is to tie them all together with a consistent theme (i.e. black & white coloring, all family photos, wedding photos of different generations, etc).

Family-Only Spaces. Photos can be so personal and you may not want your general guests to see you in that swimsuit from last year’s vacation! So, just have them present where your family will see them most. Grouping them in similar frames makes such a great impact and can evoke such warm feelings every time you pass it by.

Master Bedroom. Consider a classic black and white grouping of three wonderful events in your life. Make sure they’re memories that make you smile. Perhaps that photo of your first dance on your wedding day, or the one where you brought your first child home from the hospital. Don’t be afraid to be informal. These are just for you!

*The rest of those photos you want to display (but don’t have space for)? Find some handsome leather albums and keep them on hand in the living room. You’ll be more likely to enjoy them when you can put your hands on them, and they make great conversation starters at parties!

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Travel Mementos: What a wonderful venue the world makes for grabbing tangible reminders of those memories your family cherishes. You don’t have to grab magnets and crowd up your fridge, but why don’t you consider a few of these next time you jet off to somewhere fun?

Art. The world is full of artists. And, art doesn’t have to be expensive to be fabulous. Think of those walls in your guest bedrooms that need a little touch. Remember your color scheme and then choose your art accordingly to enhance your space!

Glasswork. So, often a travel destination is defined by the crafts they have. Think of Murano glass from Italy! Grab a little piece – something unusual- and then place it on a few books in your bookshelf. That can be an instant light catcher, eye-grabbing attention, “ask me where I’ve been lately” sort of thing.

Seasonal Decor. We all have it. But, why not get it from abroad rather than your corner department store? It’s often much better crafted than the mass-produced sparkle we usually accumulate. Think of those few places where a small piece can go a long way- hand forged reindeer from Greenland anyone?

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Words: Everyone loves a great inspirational quote. At CHD, we eat it up and take every opportunity we get! Why not be surrounded by good thoughts?

Kitchen. Get a small plaque and put it somewhere inconspicuous. Something that will catch your eye and make you smile and also get a chuckle out of your guests.

Bathrooms. We sit and we ponder in there, no?

Bedrooms. Make them occupant appropriate, but consider what might make you feel good if you stayed in that room.

Collections: Don’t have one? No worries- you can start one! Many people find that collecting something over time helps to define the seasons of their lives more clearly than anything else. And, if you can display it artistically in your home, your guests will think you’re so clever.

Pottery. These make for great bookshelf fillers and those empty spots above armoires. It’s also an item you can find easily on any of your travels. Consider the color scheme in your home and purchase accordingly.

Antique Frames. We love to group them all by themselves on a wall to add texture. We’ve put them on top of mirrors, above headboards, on feature walls. We adore it.

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No matter what you choose to do to enhance the personality in your home, remember: This is where YOU live. If you love it, you’ll love living there.

But if you just can’t figure out where to put it, give us a call! We’re here from the beginning to the end of your design process.