For us at CHD, July is a month of endless laughter, joy, and excitement, but maybe it is just the heat getting to us. The summer sun is cranked into overdrive, ice cream, and popsicles become the perfect afternoon snack to keep cool, and all we really want to do is head down to the beach for a day of wading in the ocean with our family.

Independence Day is coming upon us at full speed, and our grills are seemingly calling our names, waiting to be used for hot dogs and hamburgers. We are so excited to gather with our loved ones to enjoy this special holiday, where it seems the whole country comes together to bask in the glow of fireworks lighting up the night sky.

Grilling out with Family & Friends

Going to the Murrells Inlet Boat Parade

Watching the Patriot’s Point Fireworks Show

Our Favorite Summer Design Spots

Great Summer Read

The Success Paradox: How to Surrender & Win in Business and in Life

The Success Paradox is the improbable story of a life and business transformed, told in a warmly authentic style that says: “I hit rock bottom, I surrendered, I began doing the opposite of what I’d been doing before, miracles happened, and here’s what you can learn from my journey.”

Independence Day Recipe Must Try

Sweet Heat Hot Dogs

A little sweet, a little spicy, and definitely savory! Elevate the classics this Fourth of July with a new take on the hot dog.

From the CHD family to yours, have a happy and safe Independence Day filled to the brim with memories, laughter, and great food.