A kitchen is a central gathering place in every home. Lance Griffith’s signature Lowcountry Chic style can bring new life to an older kitchen. Our goal is to ensure our clients’ kitchens are designed in tandum with their lifestyle and needs, while maintaining the kitchen’s functionality.

5 Things Every Kitchen Design Needs to Appeal to the Home Chef:

1.  Good traffic flow is essential for every kitchen.

2.  All kitchens should have a large work surface that is in close proximity to a sink–either in the work area or immediately adjacent to it.

3.  Every kitchen should be open to the conversation area or have a good place for people to congregate while the chef is at work!  Cooking is a social event, so having a space that enables you to cook and congregate at the same time is a must.

4.  Every kitchen should have convenient storage for tools close to the areas where they are to be used. Knives close to the cutting board, pans close to cooktop/oven, and baking tools (mixer, etc.) close to baking center, means less time searching and more time cooking.

5.  All kitchens need to have sufficient lighting and well-placed lighting.  To properly utilize your lighting, it should be placed over the work area.  Lighting is often improperly placed behind the person at the counter which only casts a shadow on the chef’s work!

BONUS: Efficient triangle setup is always helpful.  The idea of the work triangle — refrigerator, stove, and sink – is one of the most efficient ways to organize the kitchen and it actually dates back to the 1930s. The zoning setup is helpful, lining up your appliances in convenient locations that are easily accessed with maximum efficiency.

CHD Interiors Custom Kitchens:


When a client wants to feel like the king of the kitchen, you design accordingly. In this kitchen, the ornate cabinetry designed by CHD Interiors beautifully expresses the status of this space. As a main gathering area, the furniture-esque quality of the cabinets and refrigerator surround make this space as welcoming as the adjacent living room.


The custom blue and yellow cabinetry and use of numerous antiques in this kitchen create the epitome of an eclectically, well-traveled French Provencial kitchen. The antique copper hood, antique iron gate over the kitchen window, and antique French pottery over the stove are just a few of the gems CHD Interiors used as accents from one of its bi-annual antique trips in England and France.

1-Bill - Copy

The pickled custom cabinetry, blue and green mosaic tiles, and glazed sea green island designed by CHD Interiors create a beautiful and serene kitchen inside a waterfront home perfectly situated on South Carolina’s Garden City Beach.

2-George (Garden City, SC)

Attempting to achieve a “gathered over time” look true to it’s “Lowcountry Chic” style, CHD Interiors chose a 10-foot antique dining room table accented with an oyster chandelier. Transitional pendants and custom cobalt tiles create a nice balance of “shabby chic” and contemporary sophistication.


This home has 4,000 square feet of outdoor living area. We designed the space with a kitchen, dining area, pool & napping spot so the family can spend the entire day outside. An antique English pine factory work bench creates the perfect serving area beside the handmade tile-top table. An old French iron over-door will actually improve over time as it weathers the outdoor elements.