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Design Dilemma: Blank Space

THE DILEMMA: Thanks for your offer to help me solve my design dilemma! My kitchen (far right) flows into the dining room which then opens into the sun room (far left). My dilemma is what to do with the dining room ...

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Design Dilemma: Fireplace Frustration

THE DILEMMA: I am in the process of redesigning my feature wall in our open concept living room beach house. I have changed my aesthetic and decided I would like to be as minimalist as possible. Many on Houzz recommended ...

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Design Dilemma: Family Room Fix

This family has been looking for a solution to their family room layout for over a year now, and has reached out to our experienced team of designers for help! Read all about their dilemma and our response on how to create a ...

2020-01-30T12:14:20+00:00April 24, 2015|

Have a Design Dilemma? Ask Our Designers!

Let’s face it – we all find ourselves with design dilemmas.  As professionals in the interior design biz, we even have the occasional predicament that leaves us stumped.  Lucky for us, we have a heck of a design team, so ...

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