CHD Interiors lives by its motto…our design tells your story. In order to fulfill this motto in each of the homes we design, we must pay attention to every detail from floor to ceiling. Over the next few months, our team will take you through some of our recent transformations and point out some of the intricate details that went into creating these beautiful spaces.

The first home featured in our “The Design is in the Details” series is located in Georgetown, South Carolina. Lighting, pops of color, antiques, custom pieces, and so much more bring this house’s story to life and the details within each element are subtle but impactful.

Lighting is a simple way to make a statement in any space. In this waterfront home, the CHD team used low lighting to create an intimate entryway with a warm feeling. This one detail that is often overlooked can make your entryway stand apart and give the best first impression to your guests.

Once you’re through the entryway, you are enveloped by a den that showcases beautiful pops of color. Not only is it stunning at first glance, but as you look deeper, you will notice a cocktail table that is an absolute showstopper. Fashioned out of old London School of Art tabletops, it transforms this room and makes for a great conversation starter. As you move through the room, your eyes can’t help but stop at a uniquely designed black stone fireplace. The juxtaposition of the contemporary cut stone and the wraparound French beam mantle detailed with special dovetail joints make this a truly interesting piece. You can’t help but feel the comforting pull of the fireplace as you consider cozying up in front of it with a good book. This statement piece is one not only to be admired but enjoyed.

Stroll a little further and you’ll notice the wood floors crafted from old barn wood stretch the entire length of the home. This historical material gives a feeling of a country cottage but still adds a touch of modern beauty that tells its story with each step you take.

Leading you into the master bedroom are mirrored antique French doors that give this entrance a bit of grace and elegance. The master bath has a clean, sophisticated look with a gorgeous custom-made glass wall shower.

With each passing room, in every corner, there is something that grabs your attention. This house is an intricate work of art due to the aggregation of the smallest details. An old Turkish sink, paired with an antique beam, makes for a beautiful vanity in the powder room. The antique newel posts that lend a nostalgic air and the built-in, hand-carved pine, antique columns are among the many unique details perfect for this one-of-a-kind home. Lastly, a simple and bright workspace is elevated into a cozy niche private office by a suspended glass desk area.

From floor to ceiling, all of these details and special touches come together to create a perfect combination of old and new, establishing a truly comfortable and stylish home that is perfect for both entertaining and relaxing. These details tell a beautiful story – one that is still being written every day by the lovely family who owns and cherishes this wonderful home.

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