The newest installment of our “The Design is in the Details” series features this lovely Lower Waverly home in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. A beautiful, modern home with antique details is the perfect display of old mixed with new, fitting for an island full of rich history.

The ceiling perfectly balances modern and classic with contemporary “Sputnik” chandeliers contrasting the old barn wood siding. This siding is also used in the home’s flooring, giving the interior a historic quality to match the old riverfront location.

In the entryway, antique shutters provide an eye-catching display that highlights the artwork, while custom-made iron barn doors provide separation that still allows light to pass through. In the kitchen, the custom range hood, set in patinaed copper and stainless steel, adds another modern touch that compliments the house’s rustic charm achieved by the antique pieces. These pieces include the French garden-edging tile used as decoration above and below the television and the concrete planter transformed into a distinctive console table. Indigenous flora framed into beautiful artwork is a nod to the home’s natural surroundings.

An antique pub sign used as a double-sided wall adornment suspended on the porch complements old English factory lights that give a nostalgic feeling to the space. The dining room features an English parquet fashioned into a large tabletop supported by a custom iron base. A second custom iron base supports the cocktail table fabricated out of an antique champagne riddling rack.

In the office, a custom-built metal desk and shelves fit perfectly into a corner niche. Even the walls of this house, covered in shellstone with built-in shelves from old beams, are made to command their own attention instead of merely blending into the background. Finally, the staircase is a beautiful mix of custom metalwork and wood surround, complete with the steps painted in black paint and strategically distressed to appear worn and used. This house is both contemporary and rustic, and all of the small details work together to achieve a beautiful aesthetic.

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