Come along with us as we walk you through the fourth installment of The Design is in the Details blog. This time we’re on Isle of Palms, South Carolina.
We begin in the grandest room of the house, the living room. In this room, laughter is shared and memories are made. We designed this room to maximize the seating within the large open floor plan and we use an oversized coffee table to center the room creating a space for all to come together. The layered rugs add texture and style to the design, and the calming coastal palette is ideal for a comfortable and intimate gathering place. The Crypton Performance swivel chairs and modern white sofas allow for easy viewing of the waterfront scenery and a modernized fireplace adds a crisp, updated look to this Lowcountry home. Adding an eye-catching statement piece is the perfect conversation starter in any sitting room.
Design in Isle of Palm South Carolina
As you move from the living room into the kitchen, you immediately notice the pop of color highlighting the center island complemented by the soft, coastal whites of the cabinets and backsplash. The cabinets and drawers are finished with sleek bronze hardware, and custom counter stools are covered with performance fabric. The statement pendant lights over the island add interest and dimension to this stunning design.
The kitchen flows into the dining room where the family gathers to eat and share the stories of their days. This custom dining area is designed to pull the coastal feel throughout the home with the deep ocean blue tabletop, seafoam pigmented white seating, and a uniquely designed accent light fixture.
This glamorous wet bar is designed for easy access while entertaining guests. Adding patterns and bold color to the area brings excitement into this smaller space.
The hanging chandelier amid this elegantly designed staircase illuminates the center of the home with style and grace.

With colors and patterns that pop but still invoke the coastal scenery of the Lowcountry and a design that is not only beautiful but practical, this home is this family’s dream haven.