What You Need To Know About Kitchen Island Lighting

Kitchens are typically the heart of every home, so it is very important that they are properly lit. This process requires significant planning and attention to detail as lighting can affect the whole tone and atmosphere of your kitchen. ...

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What Height To Hang Pendant Lights and Chandeliers

Hanging a new light fixture at the proper height is very important in achieving the perfect aesthetic. Here you will find tips and tricks you need to properly place pendant lights in different rooms of your home. There are ...

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Kitchen Renovation

Designer, Gabrielle Pendarvis, is currently working on a full kitchen renovation for one of our favorite clients. Check out the progress: Looking to update, increase value, or create functional living space? Reach out to one of our talented designers today!

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How to Make Your Budget Work in Kitchen & Bath Remodels

BUDGET – For most, it is a word that is hard to say, hard to determine and even harder to stick to! Every client has one, and even the highest of the high-end client who CHD has guided in designing ...

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Functionality Over Formality: The Extinction of the Dining Room

Functionality Over Formality:  The Extinction of the Dining Room As open house plans and functionality seem to be at the forefront of new construction and renovations these days, the formal dining room is becoming a thing of the past.  Let’s ...

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Designing Your Dream Kitchen for Ultimate Convenience

  Perhaps you are wondering how to design your dream kitchen, while finding the perfect balance between function and fashion. At CHD Interiors, we can help you design a kitchen layout that enables you to create a beautiful kitchen while ...

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5 Things Every Kitchen Design Needs to Appeal to the Home Chef

A kitchen is a central gathering place in every home. Lance Griffith’s signature Lowcountry Chic style can bring new life to an older kitchen. Our goal is to ensure our clients’ kitchens are designed in tandum with their lifestyle and needs, while maintaining ...

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